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Gallery - photos from Blue Valley

purple orchid
pepper frog
our famous "chocodile"
reutilizing fallen timber after hurrican OTTO
Blue Morpho feeding on a cacao fruit
Gilberth and Henrik at the first harvest December 27th 2016
The Blue Valley crew
flower of a giant Caña Agria
a Yellow Back Spider
Yesenia Fallas of Swiss Travel planting her own cacao tree
First test of our new 80 gram Maleku bar
Hurrican Otto was detrimental to many older rainforest giants on our property. Some of the wood has come to good use - like a handmade sink!
Achiote - Bixa Orellana - the lipstick tree!
Ready for the Maleku Chocolate Forest Walk & Workshop!
Another spectacular bug!
Barbara Olpinska plants her "own" tree with a name tag on it
Fresh cacao juce in chilled cacao pods
Lichen Anole
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