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Chocolate Products


We are very proud and happy to present our new line of Single Estate world-class chocolate bars - made from the organically grown fine flavor cacao found on our own property - Finca "Blue Valley".

On our journey to develop and produce the best possible quality with the flavor profile we like, we have come off to a fantastic start. Late harvest for sweetness followed by a gentle fermentation helps us reach the full potential of the local cacao varieties and hybrids.

Don´t take our word for it - first time we participated in the International Chocolate Awards we brought home no less than 7 prizes: 2 Bronze, 3 Silver and 2 Gold medals!

Our bars come in two sizes - the large 80 gram Maleku de Luxe in a booklet type gift packaging but also in a smaller MiniMaleku 25gram bar size for the little luxury experience. 

If you at first don´t know which one to go for - get them all in the 6Pack! 150 grams in all six flavor, packed in the de Luxe booklet design!


60% Milk:

With a minimum of milk and added cacao butter we still put the cacao in focus - a notch smoother and rounder than pure dark, this milk chocolate is intense with a long finish. 

Bronze Medal winner at the ICA 2018.

60% Milk Chili:

The same basic recipe but with an addition of natural nutmeg and spicy pepper. Gold Medal winner at the ICA 2018.

72% Dark:

Two ingredients only: Organic cacao and organic cane sugar - and a whole lotta TLC! We prefer to roast with hot air rather than hot metal, gives a more even roast and a finished chocolate without notes of "burn". Caramel, earth, berries - smooth. Refined and conched for up to 72 hours

78% Dark:

Same procedure as the 72% but just a notch darker and more intense. 

78% Dark Orange:

In this version we have added natural orange peel, candied with organic sugar. The organic oranges are from Blue Valley. One of our most popular chocolate bars.

90% Dark:

From the 78% we take it one step further - intense, heavy, slow melt and long finish. Still smooth and no bitter aftertaste. Refined and conched for up to 72 hours. Let it melt on your tongue and do it's thing.

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