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Costa Rica & the Upala Region



Costa Rica is a small peaceful democracy in Central America. Known for it's friendly people and stunning tropical nature it is a very popular destination for travellers, nature lovers, beach hoppers, surfers and globetrotters alike. Decades of stable political rule with green policies and peace-seeking leaders - Costa Rica is a reliable country with a friendly attitude towards investors from abroad.

Upala and "Zona Norte"


Also known as the "food chamber" of Costa Rica, the northern region of the country offers great climate and conditions for agriculture. Most of the Costa Rican pineapple, bananas and ornamental plants for exports is grown here. This region has also proud traditions as a cacao-producing region, going back centuries and probably more. It is also the region where the Malekus used to roam - they would hunt, fish and live off the riches of the rainforest, use it's medicinal plants and herbs, source their building materials in the vast forests of the region.

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