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We are standing on the shoulder of giants. The legacy of a myriad of native peoples in the Americas is reflected in today’s cacao and chocolate. Unfortunately history and new settlers have been unkind to the original inhabitants of the land we now call Costa Rica. Of the original dozens of native tribes each with their unique culture, language and way of life only a small handful remain, and one of those tribes is the Maleku People. The Malekus used to hunt fish and forage in the vast rainforests of today’s “Zona Norte” but over the last 150 years they have lost most of their land and have been confined to a small reserve around San Rafael de Guatuso. Their once so abundant rainforest has been reduced to a few hectares, not enough to grow the medicinal plants or the natural materials they used to build their homes with.


Our brand is a tribute to the Maleku people and we owe it to ourselves, them and the rest of the World to give back and serve as an example for modern businesses who aim to be an integrated part of a sustainable community. We will set up a foundation which will help projects to improve the living conditions of native peoples, buy back land for reforestation etc. 

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